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Charity organizations and fundraising activities provide much assistance to communities in need and strive to have the community’s interests at heart. These can be seen as the only organizations dedicated to helping their communities on a full-time basis.

Although most charities in Canada are community-based, they are also entirely focused on assisting individuals with life-threatening diseases. They are in situations that they need to get out of.

Without charity organizations, many social, economic, and medical issues will not be able to be assisted throughout the world.

Charity Organizations

It’s known that there are over 170 000 charitable and non-profit organizations in Canada, and 85 00 of them are registered as charity organizations. Any organization which is registered as a charity is recognized as being charitable by the Canada Revenue Agency. Being a country primarily focused n providing assistance to those in need, the charity sector is said to have annual revenue of up to $283 billion.

We provide vital knowledge and details on the charity sector and the organizations assisting those in need. Find out all about the inner workings of charity organizations and which charities are helping the most with their causes.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising Events - About

Events are the backbone of any charity organization; although monthly payments and donations come through, events bring much-needed awareness and the most donations. The public can see the fundamental importance of what is needed with the specific cause by having an event.

We provide information on all upcoming events in Canada where charities are benefited, and fundraising activities are held to ensure that those in need are helped. We only focus on regulated and registered charities in Canada to help you know who legit charities will be supporting their cause.

Initiatives and Activities

Charities and the government work on many initiatives to assist those in need. If you are interested in helping or want to know more about the most helpful initiatives and activities that are taking place throughout Canada, visit this magazine frequently to read updated articles. Articles in this magazine focus on charitable organizations, their events, initiatives, and activities.

Charity organizations and fundraising events play a significant part in the economy and the communities and individuals in Canada that need assistance with various obstacles and serious life-threatening situations and illnesses.