Initiatives and Activities

Types of Fundraising Activities

It is well known within the fundraising sector that over 80% of charities use special fundraising events such as competitive fun competitions, galas, dinners and more. Fundraising events can generate critical funds to impact a specific cause significantly. It’s always important to remember that there are costs involved in running an event, so it should […]

Fundraising Events

Upcoming Fundraising Events in Canada

Charity events are dedicated to a wide variety of causes that are vital towards keeping the world growing with compassion and helping those in need, whether with natural resources, medication and treatment, or housing. These charities provide assistance to a wide variety of causes. The events on this list are not only dedicated to Canadians […]

Charity Organizations

Most Impactful Charities in Canada

The charities are seen as high-impact as they make positive changes in their causes by donating at least 95% of all finances obtained to the reason. Donating to a charity could mean a lot of things. Charities come in different shapes and sizes; where one or two volunteers may only operate some, others have thousands […]