Canadian Fundraising Blogs

Canadian Fundraising Blogs - Canadian Fundraising Blogs

Following any of the blogs on this list can help you understand the inner workings of charity organizations and how it ensures that donations are going to the right cause. Also, you will be able to know about upcoming fundraising events and get advice on donating and raising funds.

Good Works –

Good Work is a team of fundraisers who help build human connections between donors and a charity’s cause. Their blog releases posts on the importance of charities and how charities can provide assistance to their causes through donations in Canada.

Being an organization that assists charities in communicating with those who donate and finding more donations, they provide a lot of assistance to causes even outside of the blog.

Brady Josephson / re: charity –

Brady Josephson is based in Vancouver and started his blog to assist those who want to start charities. He provides ideas, resources, tips to help people raise more funds for their causes, create an impact on those who donate, and how to re-think the whole charity world in a manner that could mean more to each cause.

The blog releases frequent posts that can help any existing charity or up-and-coming charity in Canada.

Fundraiser Grrl –

Fundraiser Grrl is based in Vancouver, Canada. This is a blog about adding some fun to non-profit activities and organizations. The blog believes that fun and colour should be added to the whole world of non-profit organizations, fundraising, and charity organizations. Add some spark to your charity by reading some of Fundraiser Grrl’s advice posts.

Canada Helps –

Canada Helps is a blog that is dedicated to providing information on fundraising. Finding out about the latest trends in fundraising and even getting training on fundraising, this blog is vital to anybody who wants to get involved in fundraising or who just wants to donate to a great cause.

They provide information on various topics in charity organizations and fundraising and even look at specific events that are held throughout Canada to assist other organizations and their efforts.

Fundraising blogs are dedicated to providing knowledge on some of the most critical challenges the charity sector faces and detailing upcoming events and activities.