Charity Organizations

Most Impactful Charities in Canada

The charities are seen as high-impact as they make positive changes in their causes by donating at least 95% of all finances obtained to the reason. Donating to a charity could mean a lot of things. Charities come in different shapes and sizes; where one or two volunteers may only operate some, others have thousands of employees.

Many different focus points involve promoting arts and culture, saving humans, saving animals, and treating diseases. There are many different reasons behind charities. Donating to any of them makes a huge difference in the world. But make sure they provide 99.5 percent of their profits to their causes to ensure your donation will be making a high impact.

Here we look at some of the most high-impact charities that are based in Canada.

Regent Park Community Health Centre

The Regent Park Community Health Centre is dedicated to primary healthcare to a variety of community programs for development in the local neighbourhoods. The charity is dedicated to using its programs for building pathways to education through tutoring, transportation, and assistance in many forms for students and developing education.

Saskatoon FooUd Bank Incorporated

The Saskatoon Food Bank is an emergency food distribution and clothing depot that also focuses on literacy programs, counselling, employment training programs and provides a community kitchen known as Healthy Living Education in our Kitchen.

SEVA Canada Society

SEVA Canada Society - Most Impactful Charities in Canada

The SEVA Canada Society is focused on sight restoration and blindness prevention programs. They assist in collaborating and assisting in developing partner clinics hospitals institutions to provide universal access to eye care services where it is most needed.

They participate in funding and promoting research internationally and in Canada to ensure that quality surgical procedures are accessible and reduce service barriers to all people living in poverty or who do not have access.

Shelterbox Canada

Shelterbox Canada is an international disaster relief charity that is dedicated to helping with humanitarian aid in the form of shelter and supplies. Especially with people who are displaced by natural and artificial disasters. They are not only dedicated to Canada but to the whole world.

The boxes known as shelter boxes contain a family tent, blankets, a water purification kit, groundsheets, utensils, stove, tools, vital first aid equipment and medication. The kits provide people to rebuild their homes, but aid is also supplied by a team of response members.

All of the charities and non-profits n this list are dedicated to providing 95.5% of their earnings through fundraising to their specified causes and making a high impact on their cause for the ultimate assistance and precautions for challenges to go further.

Many people prefer supporting organizations that are dedicated to donating to these high-impact charities due to their large operations also creating employment and further contributing to the economy.