Initiatives and Activities

Types of Fundraising Activities

It is well known within the fundraising sector that over 80% of charities use special fundraising events such as competitive fun competitions, galas, dinners and more. Fundraising events can generate critical funds to impact a specific cause significantly.

It’s always important to remember that there are costs involved in running an event, so it should the activities included in the event should be profitable so your cause can receive as much as possible.

There is a wide variety of types of activities to include in an event or even to base the whole event on. This article will provide details on the most popular activities and how to make use of them.

Fun run/walk

Fun run - Types of Fundraising Activities

The perfect way to get the community together and spread awareness of the specific cause. These are events that do not require permits or large-scale road closures, such as marathons.

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition - Types of Fundraising Activities

Art-Exhibitions can be used together with charity events to display local artists’ work and sell them off for donations to a certain charity. Exhibits could also be held as contests between artists to be professionally judged, and prized can be where the winner chooses a charity to donate to.


Concert - Types of Fundraising Activities

Most benefit concerts are usually seen as large celebrity-filled stages that help important issues. However, if you are a small charity organization, benefit concerts can still be possible on a smaller scale. This is also a great way to showcase the local talents in the community.

Having performers present at an event is exceptionally viable because they begin their local fans, families, and circle of friends to the event for further support.

Sporting Event

Sporting events have long been a popular activity involved in charity events. Sports teams even work with non-profits to assist with traditional fundraising as their own sporting events. Sporting can also be incorporated by getting community teams of the sport involved in matches and selling tickets to the event.

It’s good to see which sporting teams in your local area have been involved with previous charity events and which sports are most popular in the community. Visiting a current event where a favourite team promotes your charity could also be an excellent chance to sell charity memorabilia or even snacks.


Galas are well-known to be among the most popular and successful events for charities, but they also cost a lot of money, so you need to be sure they will be successful. It’s large-scale, meaning you will be able to hos many people. Dinner, dancing, auctions, and entertainment should all be included in a gala to keep the supporters there to donate to your specific cause.

By using any of these fundraising styles, your event will be able to be a success as long as you are doing the necessary research into your specific market and community.